"Fight Like a Woman" CD

"Fight Like a Woman" CD

  • $19.95

Artist: Sihasin

2019 Global Music Award Winner

2019 Native American Music Award-winning Group of the Year, Best Rock Recording

From Sihasin.com: Brother and sister, Jeneda and Clayson Benally of Blackfire from the Navajo (Diné) Nation in Northern Arizona have created their own unique brand of music with bass and drums. They grew up protesting the environmental degradation and inhumane acts of cultural genocide against their traditional way of life. Their music reflects hope for equality, healthy and respectful communities and social and environmental justice.


  1. Child of Fire 4:52
  2. Shine 3:27
  3. Strong Together 4:15
  4. Fight Like A Woman 4:08
  5. See You 3:50
  6. Gentler Than Night 3:37
  7. Don't You Ever Give Up 3:53
  8. Listening? 3:42
  9. Drive 3:21
  10. Vengeance 3:50
  11. Big Shot in the Dark 4:18
  12. A Thousand Songs 2:24
  13. Provoke You 2:44
  14. Kojíléé 0:57

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