SSI Donation

SSI Donation

  • $1,000.00

The Springs Stewardship Institute (SSI) is a global initiative of the Museum of Northern Arizona

Springs—places where groundwater emerges from the Earth’s surface—are the canary's canary of ecology and conservation.

Although they are among the most biologically and culturally important and highly threatened ecosystems on Earth, springs are poorly studied and inadequately protected. Though relatively small in comparison to lakes and oceans, springs support more than 10% of the endangered species in the United States. Yet they have been largely overlooked in research, conservation, and funding. In collaboration and partnership with agencies, Tribes, other nonprofit organizations, and independent researchers, your support will help SSI to improve understanding and management of these critical and endangered ecosystems.

Should you have any questions, please contact Jeri Ledbetter at (928) 774-5211, extension 270, at THANK YOU for considering a tax deductible contribution to support the Springs Stewardship Institute.

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