Mosaic Earrings by Charlene and Frank Reano

Mosaic Earrings by Charlene and Frank Reano

  • $150.00

About the Artists: Charlene Sanchez Reano, born in 1960 in San Felipe (Katishtya), NM, is married to Frank Reano from Kewa (Santo Domingo), NM. She learned jewelry-making from sister-in-law Angie Reano, who revived mosaic inlay among Kewa jewelers. In the early 1980s, Charlene and Frank began making mosaic inlay jewelry with colorful patterns of shell, turquoise and other stones. She cuts and places the tiny mosaic pieces; Frank grinds the shell and does the silver work. She is known for her two-sided mosaic designs.

Tribe: San Felipe Pueblo

Stones: Jet, Turquoise, Serpentine, Lapis

Measurements: 2 1/4" Drop, 3/8" Width (Bottom)

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