"Soyuk Wuhti" Ogre Grandmother Katsina Doll by Bendrew Atokuku

  • $350.00

About the Artist: Bendrew Atokuku, Sr. was born in 1973 t the Hopi Water Clan. He lives in the village of Shungopavi on Hopi's Second Mesa and attended Flagstaff High School. He began katsina carving at 13, and by 18 was using old style techniques he had learned from Philbert Honanie and Bertram Tsavadawa. His father, Benson A. Atokuku, taught him that Katsinas are "the fathers of our lives". Bendrew is the father of carvers Bendrew Jr., Allen Sakiestewa and Darance Chimerica (from Moenkopi).

Tribe: Hopi

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