Plateau: Grand Canyon Biology

Plateau: Grand Canyon Biology

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Authors: Stewart W. Aitchison, Arthur M. Phillips, III, O.J. Reichman, George Ruffner, Steven W. Carothers 

Plateau: Grand Canyon Biology

Spring 1977, Volume 49, #4

“In a sense this issue of Plateau is a first synthesis – an attempt to summarize what is currently known about the biology of the Grand Canyon. Stewart Aitchison’s article puts the Museum’s current endeavors into an historical perspective. The articles of Art Phillips and Jim Reichman tell us what living things are there and how these biotic elements are interacting. Lastly, Steve Carothers gives us a not-so-pleasant view of how man fits into this picture.” - E. C. Frederick, editor  

Plateau magazine is dedicated to inspiring and educating readers by showcasing the scientific, artistic and cultural wonders of the Colorado Plateau region.

 A publication of the Museum of Northern Arizona

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