Wedding Vase with Horned Toads by Betty Manygoats

  • $145.00

Artist: Betty Manygoats

Betty Manygoats (b.1945) is a Diné potter/folk artist from Cow Springs near Shonto, AZ. When she was 25, her grandmother taught her to make pottery. Manygoats exaggerates the shape and decoration of traditional Navajo pottery and, in the late 1970s, first added her trademark horned toads to the sides of her pots, disregarding a Navajo design taboo. She also makes small animals. Her creations range from three inches to over two high. After firing her pieces, she applies warm pinon pitch. Elizabeth Manygoats, one of Betty’s ten children, creates folk art pottery.

Cultural Affiliation: Diné (Navajo)

Details: 8.75" Tall by 4.75" Wide


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