"Intermingling Space Parrots" Signed Print by David Dawangyumptewa

"Intermingling Space Parrots" Signed Print by David Dawangyumptewa

  • $35.00

Artist: David Dawangyumptewa is a local Hopi artist based out of Flagstaff, AZ. He is well-recognized for his fine detailed works. His subject matters vary, but almost always derive meaning and symbolism from his cultural heritage. Of the Water clan, his works often feature frogs, turtles and other natural elements associated with water. Over his expansive career he has been featured in numerous exhibitions and has been a long time supporter and advocate for the arts on the Colorado Plateau. 

David's works were recently featured in the Museum of Northern Arizona exhibit, Echoes and Undercurrents alongside artist Debra Edgerton's works in March - May 2015. 

Cultural Affiliation: Hopi

Details: Signed print, cardboard backing, clear plastic sleeve. 

Dimensions: 17" x 11". 

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