Myron Sarracino Ceramic Latte Mug

Myron Sarracino Ceramic Latte Mug

  • $25.00

Artist: Myron Sarracino

Cultural Affiliation: Laguna Pueblo

Description: This unique cafe-style ceramic mug is a replica of a single beautiful traditional Laguna Pueblo clay pot handcrafted by award-winning artist Myron Sarracino. Sarracino is one of the only potters working today in Laguna Pueblo. Brilliantly constructed by hand from natural clay, the pot is covered in intricate geometric black and orange designs painted freehand on a rosy-white surface. -Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Details: 6" H x 4-1/2" L x 3-1/4" W, 16 oz. Not dishwasher or microwave safe. 

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