Plateau: The Force Is With Our People

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Title: The Force Is With Our People

Authors: Anthony Thibodeau, Dr. Lee Francis IV, Manuelito Wheeler, and Joe Mastroianni

Publication Date: 2020

Volume 11, Number 1

This exciting new publication presents essays and showcases full color photographs of art from the Museum of Northern Arizona exhibition, The Force Is With Our People. Featuring an introduction by the Director, an essay from the Curator, and three featured contributor essays this companion publication explores the influence Star Wars has had on contemporary Native artists and why this enduring piece of popular culture seems to resonate so strongly with Native communities, specifically those in the American Southwest. 

Artists in the exhibit include: Jason Garcia (Santa Clara Pueblo Tewa), Dale Deforest (Diné), Ryan Singer (Diné), Susan Folwell (Santa Clara Pueblo Tewa), Mavasta Honyouti (Hopi), Enoch Endwarrior (Diné /Oneida), Rod Velarde (Jicarilla Apache), Mike Toya (Jemez Pueblo), Duane Koyawena (Hopi), Farlan and Alesia Quetawki (Zuni), Cynthia Begay (Diné/Hopi/Chicana), Randall J. Wilson (Diné), Jonathan Nelson (Diné), Dezbah Rose (Yuchi/Chippewa/Diné), Darby Raymond-Overstreet (Diné), Raymond Trujillo (Laguna Pueblo), Randy Kemp (Choctaw/Muscogee-Creek/Euchee), Shandiin Yessilth (Diné), Shaun Beyale (Diné), Jared Tso (Diné ), Kim Lohnes (Diné ), Landis Bahe (Diné); Virgil Wood (Diné ); Geri Hongeva (Diné); and Baje Whitethorne Sr. (Diné).

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