Plateau: Walnut Canyon

Plateau: Walnut Canyon

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Authors: Gwenn M. Gallenstein, Richard F. Holm, Ph.D., Barbara G. Phillips, Ph.D., Dorothy House, Christian E. Downum, Ph.D., Robert G. Breunig, Ph.D., Scott Thybony  Plateau: Walnut Canyon

2016, Volume 9, #1

“This issue of Plateau celebrates Walnut Canyon National Monument’s centennial year, explores its natural setting, and unveils the diversity and beauty of its surrounding lands. […] Gwenn M. Gallenstein’s opening article chronicles the history of the monument and tells us how citizen advocacy won protection from the canyon’s famous cliff dwellings when, a century ago, US President Woodrow Wilson declared the site a national Monument. Natural and cultural history articles by geologist Richard F. Holm, botanist Barbara G. Phillips, and anthropologist Christian E. Downum tell us how the canyon came to be; why it has high biodiversity; who its ancient people were; how they made their living; why they left, and where they may have gone. A fold-out map shows contour lines for adjacent mesas and side canyons, and for the steep, twisting path of Walnut Creek’s main canyon. It also outlines an area of land around the monument that was studied for conservation values under a 2009 congressional mandate. An essay by Robert G. Breunig looks beyond the centennial to consider conservation management for this diverse area, thus extending protection for the monument itself. Prose by Scott Thybony closes the magazine with an artful glance back to Walnut Canyon’s past.” - Karen Louise Enyedy, editor   

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