Polish and Publish Workshop: Poetry on the Plateau

Polish and Publish Workshop: Poetry on the Plateau

  • $15.00

Poetry on the Plateau, A weekend of writing workshops with Jodie Hollander

Polish and Publish Workshop

Sunday, April 7, 2019, 12:00 pm -2:00 pm
$15 Members/ $30 Non-members

Details: What's the next step after you’ve written a poem or a series of poems? How do you edit your work, to whom do you show your work to if you want to improve it?

Then, which magazines/journals do you approach; how do you write a cover letter, and how do you approach a publisher if you have a manuscript?

In this workshop we’ll discuss effective strategies for all of these questions - focusing on the business end of writing. Specifically we’ll look at how best to edit and polish your work, and how to bring your strongest writing out into the world. This workshopis for participants that have some prior experience with writing and want to learn more about editing and publishing. Please prepare three poems to share with the group in advance of this workshop.


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