Plateau: The San Juan - The Four Corners River

Plateau: The San Juan - The Four Corners River

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Author: Kathryn M. Wilde 

Publication Date: 1991 

Volume 62, Number 4 

“Until I began researching for this Plateau, the ‘San Juan River’ meant my experiences on the stretch from Montezuma Creek to Paiute Farms, Utah, since those were the winding river miles I had traversed. This holds true for many. Now the San Juan River evokes an entirely fresh collection of facts, feelings, and memories. After a road trip of more than 2,000 miles from Tucson, following the river from its source in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado, down into New Mexico, back up into Utah, and finally into Arizona, I now view the river as a significant watershed. From beginning to end, the San Juan River has a drainage area of 16 million square acres. To me the San Juan is now, fondly, the Four Corners River.” - Kathryn M. Wilde, author 

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