About Us

The Museum of Northern Arizona Shop carries more than 4,000 items, carefully selected to represent the finest work of the region. More than half the items are purchased directly from the artists, who come by each month to deliver their newest creations, along with stories of what inspired them.

As an artist herself, Museum founder Mary-Russell Ferrell Colton recognized that artists need to eat, which means they also need a place to sell their art. She worked to create markets for the Native American artists, starting with annual festivals. In 1965, Clay Lockett—an old friend of the Coltons', board member, and Museum supporter-started the Museum Shop. As an anthropologist and recognized authority on Native arts and crafts, Lockett established the standard for excellence still found in the Shop.

Today the Shop continues to select and sell authentic, original works created by local artists, including Hopi pottery and katsina dolls, Navajo rugs in many sizes, Zuni fetishes, and jewelry by well-known silversmiths.

Cases in the back of the Shop display vintage items on consignment from collectors and estates, who entrust them to the Museum Shop because they know the volunteers and staff have a deep knowledge and expertise to share with shoppers.

Visitors wanting to develop a deeper knowledge, or bring home a unique souvenir will want to browse the bookshelves of the Museum Shop. The books cover a range of relevant topics, from the geology of the region to Native American culture and issues, visitors will also find quality t-shirts, music CDs, art prints, and toys.

The tradition of encouraging and developing a market for the highest quality continues. These sales encourage and reward outstanding work, educate the public, and produce revenue for the Museum.

For information regarding the Museum of Northern Arizona, please visit our website.