Plateau: Wupatki - New Perspectives on Petroglyphs of the Crack-in-Rock Community

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Title: Wupatki: New Perspectives on Petroglyphs of the Crack-in-Rock Community
Authors: David E. Purcell, Evelyn Billo, Robert Mark, Kirk C. Anderson, Leigh J. Kuwanwisiwma, Stewart B. Koyumptewa, Ian Hough, Lisa Leap, Octavius Seowtewa, Kelley Hays-Gilpin, Kimberly Spurr, Erin Geatty
Publication Date: 2018

"This issue of Plateau explores the petroglyph traditions of four sites in the Crack-in-the-Rock community at Wupatki National Monument. Horseshoe Mesa, Middle Mesa, WS835, and Crack-in-the-Rock Mesa were investigated by archaeologists from the Museum of Northern Arizona and the National Park Service, Flagstaff Area Monuments, during a collaborative project from 2014 to 2017. The findings of the first two years were presented in the exhibition "Images on Stone" (2016-2017) at the museum. The exhibition borrowed the title from a 1984 issue of Plateau edited by the late Donald E. Weaver, Jr. This current issue presents the final project results and examines the current state of rock art recording and different perspectives on the meaning of the images, and revisits Weaver's classic issue to place the Wupatki Petroglyph Project in a historical context." - David E. Purcell, editor

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