Plateau: Arizona's Petrified Forest

Plateau: Arizona's Petrified Forest

Museum of Northern Arizona Shops

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Author: Diana Clark Lubick, Ken Thiessen, Edwin H. Colbert, George M. Lubick  

Publication Date: 1990 

Volume 61, Number 4 

“The Petrified Forest. Surely no other national park has a more enchanting (or, in some ways, misleading) name. Indeed, many first-time visitors to this beautiful and strangely desolate part of the high Colorado Plateau are surprised to learn that there is no recognizable ‘forest’. Unless they have done their homework, visitors may be equally surprised to find that the park contains archaeological resources – ruins and rock art – which rival its geological treasures and that this long-famous area has had national park status only since 1962. (It has been under federal protection as a monument, however, since 1906.)” -Diana Clark Lubick, author 

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