Cañon Journal: Trails & Journeys

Cañon Journal: Trails & Journeys

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Cañon Journal: Trails & Journeys

Spring/Summer 1995, Volume 1, #1

Cañon Journal was a semi-annual publication produced jointly by the Grand Canyon Association (now the Grand Canyon Conservancy) and the Museum of Northern Arizona in cooperation with the National Parks Service. 

In this issue, the trails traversing the Colorado Plateau begin with the physical but extend into the spiritual. Upon those rocky paths walked by Spanish conquistadores, earlier peoples, the Hopi, had travled, carrying with them stories of the ancient Katsinas who guyided them to this fertile place. After decades of exile, 40 poerful images of the guardian Katsinas would return along their own circuitous path to their original home in northern Arizona. Along the way, they would pass the markings of newer inhabitants, shepherds who carved the message of their passing into the forests of the high mountain lands. they would witness the challenging of the ancien river, the Colorado, where boatmen engaged the powerful wters. And they would add their own footsteps to the tracks left by even earlier Plateau residents, the dinosaurs. The insights of traverlers upon the Plateau are many and unique. Story upon story awaits its telling. 

 A cooperative publication of the Museum of Northern Arizona

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