Carving Grand Canyon: Evidence, Theories and Mystery

Carving Grand Canyon: Evidence, Theories and Mystery

Museum of Northern Arizona Shops

  • $17.95

Author: Wayne Ranney

Details: 190 pages

Date: 2012

From the publisher: Grand Canyon is one of Earth's most recognizable landscapes. Though scientists have studied the canyon for more than 150 years, a definitive answer as to how or when the canyon formed eludes them. The one thing scientists do agree on is that the canyon was carved by the erosive power of the Colorado River, but the river itself has carried away the evidence of its earlier history.

Carving Grand Canyon provides a synopsis of the intriguing ideas and innovative theories that geologists have developed over time. This story of a fascinating landscape is told in an engaging style that nonscientists will find inviting. The story's end, however, remains a mystery yet to be solved.

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