Investigations of Southwestern Anthropological Research Group

Investigations of Southwestern Anthropological Research Group


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Edited by: Robert C. Euler, George J. Gumerman 


Investigations of the Southwestern Anthropological Research Group 

Edited by Robert C. Euler and George J. Gumerman 

©1978 Museum of Northern Arizona. 

The papers presented in this volume result from some five years of co-operative research by the members of the Southwestern Anthropological Research Group, the informal organization of anthropologists who have agreed to pool certain of their archaeological field research data toward the attainment of common goals.   




“Settlement Patterns on Cedar Mesa: Boom and Bust on the Northern Periphery” 

by R.G. Matson and W.D. Lipe, page1 


“SARG Research on the Elk Ridge Project Manti-Lasal National Forest, Utah” 

by Evan I. DeBloois and Dee F. Green, page 13 


“Prehistoric Settlement in Long House Valley, Northeastern Arizona” 

by Jeffrey S. Dean, Alexander J. Lindsay, Jr. and William J. Robinson, page 25 


“Settlement Patterns in the El Morro Valley, New Mexico” 

by Steven A. LeBlanc, page 45 


“An Analysis of Variability in Site Locations in the Chevelon Drainage, Arizona” 

by Fred Plog, page 53 


“Aspects of Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in Grand Canyon” 

by Robert C. Euler and Susan M. Chandler, page 73 


“The Central Arizona Ecotone Project and SARG” 

by Carol S. Weed, page 87 


“Synthesis and Comparison of Project Results” 

by W. James Judge, pare 95 


“An Evaluation of the Initial SARG Research Design” 

by Jeffrey S. Dean, page 103 


“Computer Applications of SARG Data: An Evaluation” 

by Sylvia W. Gaines, page119 


“Inferences Using the SARG Data Bank” 

by Fred Plog, Richard Effland and Dee F. Green, page 139 


“Applications of Computer Graphic Techniques to SARG Data” 

By Richard Effland, page 149 


“A Critical Examination of SARG” 

by Alan P. Sullivan and Michael B. Schiffer, page 168 


“SARG: Future Research Directions” 

by Fred Plog, Richard Effland, Jeffrey S. Dean and Sylvia W. Gaines, page 179 

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