Plateau: Diversity

Plateau: Diversity


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Plateau Journal: Diversity

Spring/Summer 2002, Volume 6, #1

“The human need for diversity is satisfied on the Colorado Plateau in ways uniquely characteristic of our part of the West. Diversity here is both spectacular – as splendidly visible in the aerial photography of Michael Collier accompanying Christa Sadler’s essay on geoforms – and subtle, as in the complex differentiation between vowel sounds in Native languages. It is expressed not only through the exposed geology that provides such breathtaking views but also in microcosm in the niche environments nestled throughout the landscape. And it exists in human culture as well. In this issue of Plateau Journal, Patrick Pynes explores the rich store of indigenous languages still spoken on the Colorado Plateau. Ed Wade looks at the meanings of painted birds on pottery from a range of tribal traditions. Michael Kimmelman focuses on a volcano-scale artwork by James Turrell, one unique and inspiring responses by an individual artist to the physical and spiritual essence of the land.” - Carol Haralson, editor and designer  

Plateau magazine is dedicated to inspiring and educating readers by showcasing the scientific, artistic and cultural wonders of the Colorado Plateau region.

 A publication of the Museum of Northern Arizona

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