Plateau: Perspectives on the Colorado Plateau

Plateau: Perspectives on the Colorado Plateau


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Plateau: Perspectives on the Colorado Plateau

Fall/Winter 2004, Volume 1, #1

“Beginning with the summer of 1976 issues of Plateau (Vol. 29, No. 1), MNA redesigned its magazine, which for 37 years had published technical articles in a pamphlet format. A larger format was selected to feature photographically illustrated articles written for wider appeal to MNA’s growing and diversifying membership. In that groundbreaking issue the late writer Edward Abbey, along with three distinguished scientists from MNA’s primary research fields of geology, biology, and archeology, presented an illustrated overview of the Colorado Plateau. On the following pages we have republished these articles as a retrospective, and very much appreciate the generous new perspectives offered by William J. Breed, Steven W. Carothers, and William D. Lipe from insights they have grained during the 28-year interim.” - Dr. Rober G. Breunig, President Emeritus 

Plateau magazine is dedicated to inspiring and educating readers by showcasing the scientific, artistic and cultural wonders of the Colorado Plateau region.

 A publication of the Museum of Northern Arizona


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