Plateau: Picture Canyon

Plateau: Picture Canyon


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Plateau: Picture Canyon

Authors: Ian Delaney, Marie Jackson, Ph.D., Lawrence E. Stevens, Ph.D., Bea Cooley, Karen Enyedy, Pat Stein, Donald E. Weaver, Jr., Ph.D., Don Bills, Natural Channel Design, Picture Canyon Core Group, Ann Weiler Walka  

2014-2015, Volume 8, #1 and #2

“The rich content of this issue reflects an important tenet flowing from the mission of the Musuem of Northern Arizona: that of looking at our region and places within it comprehensively, through the diverse lenses of various disciplines. In this issue, we look at Picture Canyon in its geological, anthropological, ecological, ethnobotanical, ornithological, and historical contexts. We have also placed the canyon in a larger context, describing the watershed and course of the Rio de Flag before and after it flows through Picture Canyon.” - Robert G. Breunig, Ph.D., President Emeritus  

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