Small Natural Rim Sifter Basket by Marvene Dawahoya

  • $180.00

Artist: Marvene Dawahoya

Cultural Affiliation: Hopi

About the Artist: Marvene Dawahoya is from the village of Polacca, on First Mesa in Hopi. She was taught how to weave baskets by her step-mother, Doris, and has been creating sifter baskets from yucca since 2016.  According to Marvene, yucca is considered to be a sacred plant. There is a process that a Hopi woman has to go through in order to be able to handle yucca and make the baskets. Marvene says she is privileged to be able to make yucca baskets and she draws her inspiration for her designs from the natural things in life.

Details: 7" diameter, yucca, willow rim

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