The Continental Jurassic, Bulletin 60

The Continental Jurassic, Bulletin 60

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Edited by Michael Morales 

Date: 1996 

ISBN: 0-89734-119-8

In this volume is included various scientific papers and abstracts about many different abstracts of continental Jurassic rocks and fossils. 


“Bibliography of Edwin Harris Colbert,” page ii 

“Jurassic Paloegeographic Maps of the World” by J. Golonka, M.E. Edrich, D.E. Ford, R.J. Pauken, N.Y. Bocharova and C.R. Scotese, page 1 


“Implications of New High Precision 40 Ar/ 39 Ar Laser-microprobe Ages for the Jurassic Time Scale” by Bart J. Kowallis, Eric H. Christiansen, Alan L. Deino, Fred Peterson, Christine E. Turner and Ronald C. Blakey, page 7 

“Improved Calibration of the Jurassic Time Scale:  A key to Better Correlation of Terrestrial and Marine Sequences” by József Pálfy, Paul L. Smith, James K. Mortensen, Richard M. Friedman, Randy R. Parrish, Vicki J. McNicoll and Robert G. Anderson, page 9 

“580 Ky Duration of the Early Jurassic Flood Basalt Event in Eastern North America Estimated Using Milankovitch Cyclostratigraphy by Paul E. Olsen, Roy W. Schlische and Michael S. Fedosh, page 11 

“Vertebrate Biochronology of the Jurassic of China” by Spencer G. Lucas, page 23 


“The Real Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs and Habitats at Como Bluff, Wyoming” by Robert T. Bakker, page 35 

“The ‘Whiplash’ Trail of Diplodocid Sauropods” Was it Really a Weapon?” by Per Chritiansen, page 51 

“Stratigraphic Position of the Sauropod Dystrophaeus viaemalae Cope 1877 and Its Evolutionary Implications” by David D. Gillette, page 59 

“A Discriminate Analysis of Allosaurus Populations Using Quarries as the Operational Units” by David K. Smith, page 69 

“A Large Allosaurid from the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation, (Brushy Basin Member), West-Central New Mexico” by Thomas E. Williamson and Daniel J. Chure, page 73 

“The Thyreophoran Dinosaur Scelidosaurus from the Lower Jurassic Lufeng Formation, Yunnan, China” by Spencer G. Lucas, page 81 

“A Reassessment of Ultrasauros macintoshi (Jensen, 1985)” by Brian D. Curtice, Kenneth L. Stadtman, and Linda J. Curtice, page 87 

“Preliminary Research of the Classification of Sauropods from Sichuan Basin, China” by Zhang Yihong & Chen Wei, page 97 

“Paleoichnological Evidence for Running Dinosaurs Worldwide” by Grace V. Irby, page 109 

MegalosauripusMegalosauropus and the Concept of Megalosaur Footprints” by Martin G. Lockley, Christian A. Meyer, and Vanda Faria dos Santos, page 113 

“Footprints of Small Sauropods from the Middle Jurassic of Oaxaca, Southeastern Mexico” by Ismael Ferrusquía-Villafranca, Eduardo Jiménez-Hidalgo, and Victor Manuel Bravo-Cuevas, page 119 

“A Note on Dinosaur Footprints from the Morrison Formation in South Dakota” by John R. Foster, page 127 

“The First Report of a Dinosaur Tracksite from the Morrison Formation at Como Bluff” by Beth Southwell, Martin G. Lockley, Robert T. Bakker, Melissa Connely, and Pat Redman, page133 

“Late Jurassic Dinosaur Tracksites from Central Asia: A Preliminary Report on the World’s Longest Trackways” by Martin G. Lockley, Christian A. Meyer, Rebecca Schultz-Pittman, and Gerald Forney, page 137 

“A Newly Discovered Dinosaur Tracksite in the Lower Jurassic Navajo Sandstone, Northeastern Arizona” by J. Dale Nations, Robert L. Swift, and Nathan Selestewa, page 141 

“Paleoichnological Evidence for a Theropod Dinosaur Much Larger than Dilophosaurus in the Lower Jurassic Kayenta Formation” by Michael Morales and Scott Bulkley, page 143 

“Paleoichnology of the Cameron Dinosaur Tracksite, Lower Jurassic Moenave Formation, Northeastern Arizona” by Grace V. Irby, page147 

“A Dinosaur Mass Tracksite in the Lower Jurassic Kayenta Formation of Northeastern Arizona” by Scott Bulkley, page 167 

“Brief Report on the Theropod Trackways in the Wingate Sandstone of Ward Terrace, Arizona” by Michael Morales, page 169 

“Restoring Crushed Jurassic Dinosaur Skulls for Display” by Virginia Tidwell, page 173 

“Feather-like Impressions in a Theropod Resting Trace from the Lower Jurassic of Massachusetts” by Gerard Gierliński, page 179 


“Jurassic Urvogels and the Myth of the Feathered Dinosaur” by Alan Feduccia and Larry D. Martin, page 185 

“The Systematic and Classificatory Status of Archaeopteryx** by Niels Bonde, page 193 


“The Jurassic Turtles of China” by Ye Xiangkui, page 201 

“First Psuedo-Tribosphenic Upper Molar from the Late Jurassic of China” by Yuanqing Wang, William A. Clemens, Yaoming Hu, and Chuankue Li, page 213 

“Implications of an Early Jurassic Vertebrate Fauna from America” by William R. Hammer and William J. Hickerson, page 215 

“Small Reptiles and Amphibians from the Middle Jurassic of Skye, Scotland” by Susan E. Evans and Michael Waldman, page 219 

“Albanerpetontid Amphibians from the Jurassic (Bathonian) of Southern England” by Gerard J. McGowan, page 227 

“Jurassic Fossil Vertebrates from New Mexico” by Spencer G. Lucas, Thomas E. Williamson, John W. Estep, Adrian P. Hunt, and Orin J. Anderson, page 235 

Parviraptor (Squamata: Anguimorpha) and Other Lizards from the Morrison Formation at Fruita, Colorado” by Susan E. Evans, page 243 

“Vertebrate Track Assemblages from the Jurassic Summerville Formation and Correlative Deposits” by Martin G. Lockley, Adrian P. Hunt, and Spencer G. Lucas, page 249 

“Fossil Vertebrate Localities in the Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic) of Western South Dakota” by John R. Foster, page 255 

“Tracks of Diminutive Dinosaurs and Hopping Mammals from the Jurassic of North and South America” by Emma C. Rainforth and Martin G. Lockley, page 265 

“First Report of Synapsid Tracks from the Wingate and Moenave Formations, Colorado Plateau Region” by Rebecca J. Schultz-Pittman, Martin G. Lockley, and Robert Gaston, page 271 

“A New Occurrence of the Ichnogenus Brachychirotherium: Implications for the Triassic-Jurassic Mass Extinction Event” by Michael J. Szanja and ShayMaria M. Silvestri, page 275 

“Tracking Life in a Lower Jurassic Desert: Vertebrate Tracks and Other Traces from the Navajo Sandstone” by Emma C. Rainforth and Martin G. Lockley, page 285 

“The Fossil Record of Middle Jurassic Pterosaurs” by David M. Unwin, page 291 

“Jurassic Crocodylomorphs of Inner Asia” by Mikhail B. Efimov, page 305 


“Shar Teg: A Unique Mesozoic Fossil Locality of Asia” by Yuri M. Gubin and Sofia M. Sinitza, page 311 

“Jurassic Floras and Dinosaurs of China” by Shuying Duan, page 319 

“Unionid Bivalves from the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation, East-Central New Mexico” by Spencer G. Lucas, page 325 

“New Species of the Genus Mesosolva Hong, 1983 (DipteraArchisargidae) from the Jurassic of Kazakhstan and Mongolia” by Mikhail B. Mostovski, page 329 

Ostracode and Charophyte Biogeography in the Continental Upper Jurassic of Europe and North America as Influenced by Plate Tectonics and Paleoclimate” by Michael E. Schudack, page 333 

  “The Continental Jurassic and its Ostracoda in Northern China” by Pang Qiqing and Chen Angou, page 343 

  “Nonmarine Jurassic Ostracods of China”  by Cao Mei-zhen, page 353 

  “Terrestrial and Freshwater Trace Fossils, Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation, Colorado Plateau” by Stephen T. Hasiotis and Timothy M. Demko, page 355 


“Beginning of the Continental Jurassic in India: A Paleontological Approach” by Saswati Bandyopadhyay and Tapan K. RoyChowdhury, page 371 

“Status of the Continental Jurassic on the Indian Peninsula” by Vijaya And R.S. Tiwari, page 379 

“Nonmarine Jurassic Strata of China” by Chen Pei-ji, page 395 

“Evolution of Jurassic Sedimentary Basins of Central and Southern Asia” by V.I. Troitsky, page 413 

“Jurassic Continental Deposits of Middle Asia” by V.I. Troitsky and N.P. Gomolitzky, page 415   

“The Late Jurassic Continental Fossil Record of Northern Switzerland: Evidence and Implications” by Christian A. Meyer and Martin G. Lockley, page 421 

“The Continental Jurassic of Maritime Provinces, Canada” by David J. Mossman and Robert G. Grantham, page 427 

“Lower Mesozoic Sequences of the Colorado Plateau” by John E. Marzolf and Spencer G. Lucas, page 437 

“Jurassic Regional Unconformities of the Colorado Plateau: The Key to Accurate Correlation and Interpretation of the Area’s Jurassic Geologic History” by Ronald C. Blakey, page 439 

“Sequence Stratigraphy of the Colorado Plateau and Early Mesozoic Paleography” by John E. Marzolf, page 441 

“The Base of the Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic) of Northwestern New Mexico and Adjacent Areas” by Orin J. Anderson and Spencer G. Lucas, page 443 

“Lower Mesozoic Sequence Stratigraphy, Early Mesozoic Paleogeographic, and the Mojave-Sonoran Megashear” by John E. Marzolf, page 457 


“Provenance and Basinwide Controls on Sandstone Composition of the Kayenta Formation (Lower Jurassic) in the Central Portion of the Colorado Plateau” by Patty Rubick Luttrell, page 459 

  “The Kayenta-Navajo Transition: A Critical Environmental Change in Lower Jurassic Rocks, Colorado Plateau” by Ronald C. Blakey, page 477 

  “The Middle Jurassic Todilto Salina Basin, American Southwest” by Spencer G. Lucas and Orin J. Anderson, page 479 

  “Erg Margin and Marginal Marine Facies Analysis of the Entrada Sandstone, Utah: Implications to Depositional Models and Hydrocarbon Entrapment” by Jorge E. Mariño and Thomas H. Morris, page 483 

  “Correlation and Tectonic Significance of Lower Jurassic Conglomerates in Sonora, Mexico” by Spencer G. Lucas, page 497 

  “Playa/Sandflat Deposition in the Lower Jurassic McCoy Brook Formation, Fundy Rift Basin, Eastern Canada” by Lawrence H. Tanner, page 503 

  “Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Upper Jurassic Brushy Basin Member of the Morrison Formation near Tidwell Wash, Emery County, Utah, and Description of the Depositional Environment” by Julie E. Masura and Larry E. Davis, page 505 

  “Subaerial Exposure During the Deposition of the Marine Lias Group (Lower Jurassic) in the Severn Basin, England” by Nicholas Chidlaw and Sara J. Metcalf, page 507 

  “A Regressive Sequence and Coastal-Paleokarst in the Jurassic of the English Midlands: Paleoenvironmental Implications” by Sara J. Metcalf, page 509 


“Orientation of Dinosaur Bones in Riverine Environments: Insights into Sedimentary Dynamics and Taphonomy” by Thomas H. Morris, Dean R. Richmond, and Scott D. Grimshaw, page 521 

“Sedimentology and Vertebrate Taphonomy of the Tritylodon Acme Zone: A Reworked Palaeosol in the Lower Jurassic Elliot Formation, Karoo Supergroup, South Africa” by Roger Smith and James Kitching, page 531 

  “The Dinosaur Death-Trap of the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, Emery County, Utah” by Dean R. Richmond and Thomas H. Morris, page 533 

“Stratigraphic Relationship, Sedimentology, and Taphonomy of Meilyn, A Dinosaur Quarry in the Basal Morrison Formation of Wyoming” by Davie E. Schmude and Christopher J. Weege, page 547 

“Preliminary Report on the Taphonomy and Depositional Setting of a New Dinosaur Locality in the Morrison Formation (Brushy Basin Member) of Curecanti National Recreation Area, Colorado” by Anthony R. Fiorillo and Cathleen L. May, page 565 


“Climate Cycles in a Large Rhaetian-Sinemurian Lake in East Greenland” by Finn Surlyk and Gregers Dam, page 563 

  “Pedogenic Record of Early Jurassic Climate in the Fundy Rift Basin, Eastern Canada” by Lawrence H. Tanner, page 565 

  “Paleopedological Evidence for a Humid Paleo-Environment in the Lower Part of the Brushy Basin Member, Morrison Formation, of Curecanti National Recreation Area, Colorado” by Anthony R. Fiorillo and Douglas K. McCarty, page 575 

  “Late Jurassic (Kimmeridgian-Tithonian) Dinosaur Paleoeology Interpreted from a Paleoclimate Simulation” by George T. Moore and Charles A. Ross, page 581 

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