Plateau: Therizinosaur - Second Edition


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Author: David D. Gillette  

Volume 4, Number 2, 2nd Edition 

Publication Date: 2016 

“Science and history combine in a kind of tapestry in the discipline of paleontology. Earth history and life history are interwoven, but with many missing threads. With every discovery we add more to the scope and content of that tapestry, until broad patterns emerge and we can establish a credible glimpse into our remote heritage. Paleontology on the Colorado Plateau has been a mainstay for North American scientists since the middle of the nineteenth century, following the discovery of dinosaurs here in great abundance. Although we know a great deal about the geology and paleontology of the Mesozoic Era, some discoveries are almost too surprising to imagine – they sometimes defy even our most imaginative wish list. This story, ‘Therizinosaur – Mystery of the Sickle-Claw Dinosaur,’ represents one of those discoveries.” - David D. Gillette, author 

Plateau magazine is dedicated to inspiring and educating readers by showcasing the scientific, artistic and cultural wonders of the Colorado Plateau region.

 A publication of the Museum of Northern Arizona

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